Making the Resource Management Act work for you - not the other way around!


Get the Green-Light faster.

RM-Assist is a service dedicated to providing you with the most cost effective path to gaining the necessary resource and building consents for your development.

 Most standard projects should only require building consents, however, the more complex installations (solar farms, wind turbines, hydro or large stand alone panels) will require a resource consent process.

So why should you use our RM-Assist consultancy service?

·        The Resource Management Act is a complex piece of legislation. Lack of knowledge of the act will leave you at the mercy and whim of the council who may not always have your best interests at heart. Our professional team are able to make the act work for you instead of against you.

·        Realistic and reliable advice from the outset. If it is going to be difficult or easy we will tell you and advise on the best way to proceed to ensure the highest possible chance of success.

·         Specialist experience in consent planning to deal with alternative building and renewable energy solutions.

As a result, an accelerated consent process which saves you time and money.

Our professionals understand that each District Council has different attitudes and understanding of various “green” technologies, and the new sustainable and renewable energy approaches available so that we may live environmentally friendly in New Zealand. Some are all embracing with established policies and practices, while others are wary and rely on the expertise and information provided by reputable external professional services. To avoid the hassles, costly time delays and inconvenience, we can manage the whole process for you from start to finish.   Contact us now for an initial free consultation for your project