Our Technicians are friendly, tidy and they know solar power systems.

Quality Installation. We aim to consistently exceed quality standards for safety, waterproofing, longevity and neatness for all our installations. Our technicians always work to look after your property and your new system. From Quadruple Waterproofing techniques right through to gutter protection when using ladders, we take pride in your installation.


Your whole system will be installed to NZ Standard and a Certificate of Compliance will be issued.


Proper earthing is required on the panels and the inverters. Aside from reducing the risk of electric shock proper earthing also stops the metals from corroding and protects your electronic appliances from over-voltage problems.


DIY Installations are encouraged (with close supervision)DIY can really help to save a lot of cost on an installation. Although we do encourage our customers if they want to do a DIY system, we will always insist that all the little important things are taken care of and we oversee the installation so your system goes the distance.

Solar panels only output around 24 volts each but when they are connected in series strings if they are not wired correctly and a fire starts it is nearly impossible to extinguish due to the fact that you can't just turn off the sunshine to kill the power that is feeding the fire. Proper installation is not only a safety concern it is required by law in New Zealand.



We are open and keen to talk about your ideas. We have learnt some pretty cool ways of doing things from our customers. EG: This pipe was used as an underground bunker for the Batteries. The Generator and Sunny Island Inverter were installed in the pipe to the left. It was placed away from the house so that when the generator starts it cannot be heard at all. The Batteries here weigh over 100KG each so a sturdy platform is required (that will outlast the batteries' expected life of 10 - 20 years)



We realise that many new PV installation companies have never worked on roofs before and are brand new into an industry that penetrated the roof more than any other industry. We take waterproofing seriously and have a 100% track record.

"Leaky homes cost New Zealand more than Christchurch" - Branz

We have approved waterproofing methods for our installations. So far we are the ONLY New Zealand Company approved to penetrate the shingle tile roof manufactured by Viking Roofspec. We spoke to them, came up with a detail for waterproofing and they approved it.