Solar Hot Water and Off-Grid Solar PV Power Systems

If you have an Off-Grid (Stand alone) Solar Power System for your Electricity, do you need a solar hot water system as well?

The answer to this question is not straight forward and depends on a few factors. We explore these at a basic level in this 12 Min Video.

0:00 Introduction

0:58s Beginning - How much energy do you use in your home each day? The fundamental Question when designing a Stand-Alone Power System.

1:48 The equipment required in Solar PV Off-Grid Power System to provide the daily energy needs.

2:18 - The changing seasons and how they affect your system.

3:56 - Mid-Winter Night-time Load Support.

4:28 - Battery Cycling

5:30 - !! The critical factor - Summertime - excess energy is available from your panels

Use your Summertime Excess Energy to heat your water.

7:14 - What about waterheating in Winter?

7:36 - Solid fuel burner for heating your home + Wetback = Hot Water through the winter.

8:05 - What about Spring and Autumn?

8:30 - In an Off-Grid Home your cooking appliances are often Gas.

on to the end - Gas used to support the hot water system during the mid-seasons.

Thank you for watching. For any further information please have a look at our other videos, give us a call or register for a free information evening.