Dangerous Substandard PV Systems

If you ask a professional to do the job you will get a professional job done.

The Solar Power Industry in New Zealand is really taking off. Many operators are entering the market from various backgrounds to capitalise on the market, but forming a new company or just tacking the word "solar" onto your name instead of "insulation", "Heat-pumps", "carpet-laying" or even "electrical" does not immediately make you a solar power expert.

Why? Two simple letters: "DC" It is dangerous. Worse than just DC is Solar DC coming from PV panels, ask your sales person or would-be installer to explain why and if you're more confused at the end of their answer then most likley they are too.

Check this video out for an example of why Solar PV Systems MUST be installed to the highest standards using the highest quality equipment and if you're in doubt - don't.

Contact us now for a Premium Quality Solar PV System. It pays to pay a little more - it won't cost the earth...or your house.