The massive reduction in solar PV panel pricing has caused a huge increase in demand and enquiry. We find that a lot of questions are easily answered and video is a great way to get the right information across in a way that many people like, no sales pressure.

Here's a link to the TV 3 News Item about the PowerBOS

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The videos below cover all sorts of subjects.

What is the Return on Investment now that the Prices have Dropped - Have we reached Grid Parity?


Dangerous Substandard PV Systems

If you ask a professional to do the job you will get a professional job done.

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A 5 year old Explains Solar Power

My daughter wanted to come to one of our Solar Power Information Evenings but it was past her bedtime. So we came to a compromise, she made this video explaining how solar power works.

Grid Tie and Off Grid Differences

This whiteboard video explains the basics of grid-tie and off-grid systems and outlines the differences, benefits and limitations of each system.

Tilting Solar Panels


Solar Hot Water and Off-Grid Solar PV Power Systems

If you have an Off-Grid (Stand alone) Solar Power System for your Electricity, do you need a solar hot water system as well? The answer to this question is not straight forward and depends on a few factors. We explore these at a basic level in this 12 Min Video.

Solar Hot Water Versus Solar PV Power System

If you have been considering getting solar hot water and/or solar PV then this video will help you understand the benefits of each and make a decision on which technology is best suited to you.

My passion is to give people as much information about technology (that is relevant) as I can.
So what would normally be a 5 minute introduction phonecall often turns into a half hour chat about all sorts of stuff from solar power, solar hot water, energy saving tips, heating technologies, power companies, how the systems work, latest technologies... the list goes on.
So, while we certainly don't know everything, what we do know we love to share and while I write this I have about 40 unanswered emails sitting in my inbox.
 My answer: video. I have noticed that when I send out an informational email the links that get the most clicks are the video links - so I use my massive powers of deduction and conclude that I should make more video.