InformationThames T3esc Energy Project

Thames T3esc Energy Project

We are proud to support the T3 (Transition Town Thames) .esc (energy sustaining communities) energy project.

It has been an exciting project to watch as the trustees of T3esc have brought free insulation, cut price high quality log burners and now direct import PV systems to the residents of the Thames area.

Our involvement has been in advisory and support and we are now about to enter the third stage of the project and unveil to Thames residents a direct importing partnership plan that will enable them to form a community group together to purchase in bulk through our direct-to-manufacturer link and have the equipment unloaded straight from the container in Thames. This offer will eliminate the extra costs of warehousing, international and NZ freight and middle man margins along the way.

There was a public meeting on the 20th of May 2013 where the full plan and bulk pricing was unveiled and questions answered and plans brewed! Details for Thames Residents are available here.

See the T3esc website here...