"You get what you pay for"

We have all heard this saying and I'm sure that as kiwis we would mostly agree, if you want it to last and perform then you'll have to pay a little bit more.

This has never been truer than in the Solar Power Product Category.

Most people who want Solar are not just looking for a technical product - they are looking for a quality, long term, high yield investment. Yes it's about sustainability and the environment but the biggest motivator is saving money every month on your power bill.

So why then do you need to look at quality, isn't every 3kW system the same as the next 3kW system?


There are three main points to consider around the Quality of your Solar Investment:

1: Longevity.

2: Protection.

3: Efficiency.



As power prices rise so too does the value of the power produced by your Solar Investment. If your Investment lasts 30 years because it is of higher quality than an "identical" system that only lasts 15 years then it's obvoius which one was the wise choice. But it may not be obvious that in years 20 to 30 (the final 10 years of it's life - if it lasts that long) your investment is expected to return three times it's purchase value.

Look at it this way:

If you invest $14000 on a High Quality Solar Power System today then after 20 years it will produce around $47,000 worth of power for you. Then it keeps on producing for another decade (when power prices are far higher) and it produces an EXTRA $46,000 during that time. Now if you had opted for a system that is $3000 cheaper at the outset you would be $43,000 worse off.



Your home is also an investment.

Many installation companies today have sprung up out of various industries and most have never - ever - attached anything onto the roof of a building before.


Now they are installing solar power systems that have more attachments to your roof than any other technology. Many of these companies are coming from the insulation, heat pump even carpet laying industries, buying the cheapest product they can, employing the cheapest fastest contractors they can get and passing the buck when it comes to problems (or just not answering their phones).

This may be a great business model for insulating houses, installing carpet or a heatpump etc. but for a long term, high risk (electrical category) installation you want someone who cares - not someone paid on a low contract rate.

We have seen some VERY rough jobs done by many operators and it is cause for great concern. We have numerous photos of installations that are no longer working or have nearly burnt the building down - in New Zealand - at this early stage. The Solar Power Standards in New Zealand say very little about the standard of waterproofing of engineering of railing systems or the quality standards of some of the critical equipment required to protect against faults but we believe that these (and other) points are incredibly important.

Here is a video showing the dangers of using the wrong equipment on a solar power system.


So, along with the best quality equipment we also provide:

- Waterproofing Guarantee for all our Installations and we go to extreme lengths to ensure there are no leaks - ever.

- Matched Labour Warranty for all Equipment installed. This means that as long as the equipment is warranteed so too is our labour: Our time to come out, test, remove, fix and reinstall it for you is covered. In most cases this is 10 years.



Efficiency is not just about having the best solar power products, although that helps. It is about Managing your energy consumption in the home to coincide with the production of electricity from your array. Many people get all excited about being able to export their energy to the grid - this is in-efficient - the more you export the less your energy is worth and thus, the lower your return on investment is.

We have the answer and we know how to get the highest returns out of your system. The concept is simple and the technology is advanced. It comes in two stages: The first is our EAAM - Energy Audit and Management service and the second is the amazing Feed-in Fighter(tm).

And of course, we also use the highest quality equipment.

PV Panels:

The variance in manufacturing standards of PV Modules is quite large and the end result of a whole lot of small steps in the process is a HUGE difference in the actual measurable output of the system. Our answer to this is a stake in the ground that screams "Quality". After many years of installation we are starting to see a trend - all our systems are out performing our initial production estimates.

As you can see from this table in 2012 the CNPV panels are among the top performing panels and exceed the following panels for power output (which means dollars in your pocked at the end of each month)

Amongst other things: Factory testing of every cell and every panel to ensure matched output and quality processing of the silicon so that over time the degredation is slower and more even throughout the panel.

Generally after around 8 months our systems have produced their 12 month estimate and it is due to the efficiency of the Design, Panels, Inverters and the Wiring System.

To order your premium Solar Power system or to get a no-surprises quote please contact us.