S4SOLAR Zero Export Module.

The Zero Export Controller is a specific program algorythm running on the Feed-in Fighter Hardware Platform designed to stop or reduce exporting solar electricity in countries and areas where exporting is prohibited or limited.

Designed for use with ANY Grid Tied or Battery Inverter system on the market as it does not need to interface directly with the Inverter. If the Inverter has an open protocol available (modbus) then our Zero Export Controller can be programmed to interface directly. For example, the SMA Sunny Boy range of inverters use a proprietary add-on Power Control Module to limit the output of the inverter. Our Zero Export Controller will work seamelessly with the SMA inverter's Power Control Modules independently or globally.

The ZE (Zero Export) solution monitors the load in the premisis using CTs across the load phases, across the Incoming Mains Phases (if required) and across the Solar Production Phases. As the load on the phases drops below the set parameters the ZE Controller will "Load Dump" by switching loads on in the building (including machinery, pumps and Hot Water Elements. The Final stage is to disconnect the Solar in Stages (if the PV System has multiple inverters) to keep the PV Energy from being Exported. In the case of SMA the ZE Controller primarily Load Dumps and then finally signals the Power Control Module (SMA product) which ramps the Inverter back to an output level that is just below the load level of the building.


1: Mount the Controller and clip the Load CTs across the Load or incoming Mains.

2: Clip the Solar CTs across the Solar Production ONLY.

3: Clip the Load Dump CTs (if appliccable) across the loads that are controlled.

4: Wire Power Relays for Load Control and PV Disconnection.

5: Connect AC Line Voltage Monitoring Module (if required).

6: Connect the ZE Controller and CT Monitoring Modules to Power (12Vdc) and Ethernet connection to Network Hub.

7: Power the system on.

8: Log-in to your system via any Internet Connected Device and configure the System Parameters.

9: Test Functionality of System.

10: Select "Stand-alone" or "Online" Mode.

11: Setup Customer Login for Online Mode Functionality.

To speak with a Zero Export Expert call +64 21750024