Wattson Energy Monitor

Wattson Energy Meter

This is a very nice and easy to use meter that shows you how much solar power you are generating, how much  you are using and how much you are buying from or feeding-in to the Grid.

With a digital display and four simple colours you can see at a glance your energy availability.

Price: $517.50 incl GST, Plus Installation (free installation if you are purchasing one of our solar power systems.) If purchased and installed separate from the Solar then the installed cost is around $673 incl GST

This Device is designed as an in-home display but also has the ability to be upgraded for $198 to log and access your data online.


For full monitoring and automated control of your Solar Power you can add in the Feed-in Fighter system.


For the Feed-in Fighter direct webpage click here: www.feedinfighter.co.nz