Solar King Specs

SOLAR KING 1500 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 6000

Full Specifications:

Features :

  1. Anti-Islanding detection methods: Frequency, voltage and utility impedance.
  2. Build-in MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) function.
  3. High efficiency with wide range operation.
  4. Design to meet VDE0126-1-1 requirements.
  5. Easy assembly in production line.
  6. Easy replacement when servicing. The mean time of service is less than
    20 minutes.
  7. Firmware flash capability: The firmware inside the micro-controllers can be updated by optional communication interface.
  8. GFCI: Ground Fault Current Interruption, which is also known as RCD (Residual Current Device). To prevent electrical hazard of user, a current transformer monitoring the difference between L and N current is applied. When the current difference is larger than specified value stated in section ¡§General Data¡¨, inverter will cut its output to grid.
  9. Bundled software for user buying optional communication card.
Model SLK-1500 SLK-2000 SLK-3000 SLK-4000 SLK-6000
Input Data
Maximum Input Power 1750W 2340W 3510W 4700W 6500W
Nominal DC voltage 360V~400V
Max. input voltage
Maximum PV open voltage
500VDC 600VDC
MPPT voltage range

150V to 500V +/-5%

150V to 600V +/-5%
System start-up voltage 100 +/-5%
Working voltage range * 100 +/-5% ~ 500-5%+0%V 100 +/-5% ~ 600-5%+0%V
Initial feeding voltage * 150V +/-5%
Full rating working range 200V to 500V 250V to 500V 250V to 600V
Max. input current 7.5ADC 10ADC 15.2ADC 20ADC 30ADC
Shutdown voltage 80V typical
DC voltage ripple < 10%
DC insulation resistance ** > 8M ohm
DC Switch On/Off 20A On/Off 30A
DC Connector Tyco or MC contract (1-pair) - cable type Tyco or MC contact (3 pairs)
Attachd DC Connector Tyco-contact (1 pair)
Output data
Nominal output power 1500W 2000W 3000W 4000W 6000W
Maximum output power
(The time is limited to 10 minutes @ 50°C ambient)
1650W 2200W 3300W 4400W 6000W
Operational Voltage range *** 198V, minimum
256V maximum
Operational Normal voltage 230 Vac
Operational frequency range

50/60Hz, auto selection
47.5<f50<50.2 for 50Hz
59.3<f60<60.5 for 60Hz

Nominal output current 6.6A 8.7A 13.1A 17.4A 26.1A
O/P current distortion THD<5%, each harmonics <3%
Power Factor > 0.99%
DC current injection <0.5% of rated inverter output current
General Data
Internal power consumption < 7W
Standby power (at night) < 0.1W
Minimum conversion efficiency (DC/AC) >90%
Under input voltage>210V, load >20%
Maximum Conversion Efficiency (DC/AC) >94% >95% >95% >96%
European Efficiency >93% >94% >94% >95%
GFCI threshold See ground fault current detection

Ground current detection range

Ground current detection frequency 0~700Hz
DC input impedance requirement >2M Omega
Protection degree IP 65 or IP43
Operation temperature -25 to 55°C
Humidity 0 to 95%, non-condensing
Heat Dissipation Convection
Acoustic noise level <40dB, A-weighted, frequency up to 20kHz
Altitude Up to 3000m without power derating, 5°C derated for each additional 500m

* Load curve :

The relation of input DC voltage and output power is shown in figure. Once input V is less than 250V, the relation of I/P V and load % is : Load% = 0.4 x Vi

1. This is voltage range that inverter will start to feed power to grid.
2. The DC resistance requirement for positive or negative terminal to chasis ground
3. In VDE0126-1-1, it is ¡V20%/ +15%. DK5940, RD1663 are also available.
4. Based on the limit of VDE0126-1-1
5. Based on limit of IEEE929
6. Under the output voltage is 230VAC
7. Under utility voltage THD<3%
8. under input voltage>= 400V, full rated output power, 25oC ambient
9. According to VDE0126-1-1 requirement

Mechanical Requirements:

Model SLK-1500 SLK-2000 SLK-3000 SLK-4000 SLK-6000
Physical: W*D*H (mm) 352*300*133 352*300*133 352*300*133 550*300*133 550*420*143
Physical: Weight (kg) 14 14 14 21 24
Shipping: W*D*H (mm) 460*460*265 460*460*265 460*460*265 660*460*265 660*580*265
Shipping: Weight (kg) 16 16 16 23 26

** The dimension and weight here could be changed due to product modification