The Richards-Stark Multi-Grid Island inverter gives you all the benefits of
a stand alone inverter but with the added ability to choose specifically
how and where your power is used.

The Multi-Grid can operate as a standard on-grid, off-grid or multi
mode inverter, best of all you can change between modes by the
simple click of a mouse.

With rising energy prices combined with reductions in feed-in
tariffs more and more customers are turning to Richards-Stark
products to get more value for money from their solar installation.

Flexibility to suit your needs.

Unlike normal hybrid inverters the Multi-Grid allows you to decide the order
of priority for your solar pv power, be it battery, load or grid.
You can program the inverter to do exactly what you want, when you want.
There are no limitations on connections required. You can operate with our without batteries, load or grid.

The Multi-Grid is the next step in multi-mode inverter technology and requires no external battery or solar charge controllers. It is the ultimate plug and play island solution.

Simplicity in the form of advanced technology.

The Multi-Grid is simple to use and easy to understand.
The clear, bright LCD screen allows users to check their live PV input,
AC Output, Grid input/output, daily energy generated and battery
charge in one clear and simple layout.

The software CD and USB cable provided gives the user the option of
connecting the inverter to their PC or Mac, giving a greater depth of
data for analysis, uploading or just daily recording.

Security in a power outage.

The Multi-Grid is an essential tool to keep your home running in the event of a power outage.
Whether it’s day or night the integrated UPS will keep power flowing to your home from the PV or battery. Homes all over Australia operate day to day safe in the knowledge that should power go down their Richards-Stark Multi-Grid will pick up where the grid left off without a hitch.