HOSOLA Grid Tie Inverters

We supply all our Hosola inverters with an industry-leading 10 year, labour-backed Warranty

High Conversion Efficiency

Dynamic MPPT
Max. efficiency 97.4%
Wide MPPT voltage


Optional Sunclix DC connector
Better Communication

WiFi for global monitoring
Monitoring on Apple and Android

Ideal For Residential & Small Project Use

          Wide Selection

          Low Noise

Hosola Bright Series inverter has gone through strict quality
control tests on prototype before launching into the market.
It integrates mature technology, making it easy to install.
With our Hosola SolarMAN monitoring device, the reliability of
Hosola inverter has reached a higher level.
               A total of 10 models for selection               Self-developed topology
              No fan design
              Inductor Optimization

Simple & Compact Design

348*506*148 mm

The Hosola inverters are clean, compact but with a simple, elegant look. - See more at: http://www.hosola.com/2014/brightseries_0723/18.html#sthash.59P2CrUI.dpuf

High Efficiency

Max. 97.3% / Euro. 96.6%

High energy conversion efficiency means more returns to our customers and that is why our whole R&D team concentrates on improving this. We want to bring more value to our customer.

Better Communication with WiFi 

With the Hosola SolarMAN monitoring system, 24/7 real time monitoring cannot be easier. Now it supports iPhone and Android phones.
- See more at: http://www.hosola.com/2014/brightseries_0723/18.html#sthash.59P2CrUI.dpuf


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