Hoppecke GEL


The OPzV solar.power batteries are sealed stationary batteries with fixed electrolyte in gel.

Exceptional Life Design with over 23 years of operation at 20% DOD every day.

The construction as sealed batteries makes HOPPECKE OPzV solar.power batteries maintenance free relating to re-filling of water.
Using tubular plates in combination with gauntlets at their positive tubular plates, HOPPECKE OPzV solar.power single cell batteries offer an extreme high cycling expectancy.

Your benefits with HOPPECKE OPzV solar.power

  • Maximum cycle stability and durability
    in particular during PSoC operations
  • Reduced maintenance requirements with the greatest safety
    maintenance free due to sealed Gel-technology (VRLA)
  • Highest reliability
    in the supply of isolated power networks or remote off-grid applications

Common uses:

Solar/OffGrid and Grid Interactive applications.

Drinking water supply systems.

Healthcare Facilities.


BTS & Mobile Phone Stations.

Traffic Lighting and Signalling Systems.


Exceptional cyclic stability. NB: Quality Charging is essential for these Cells to protect your investment and get the maximum lifespan.