Honda IGX 8kva Solar Generator


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The introduction of a new innovative remote start/stop generator from Honda completes your off-grid or grid-interactive system with reliable, automatic backup for those periods where your load exceeds the capability of your system.

This Honda petrol generator is custom programmed via your inverter to start automatically based on load support requirements and battery charge levels.

Although we can offer other brands at less than half the price we would rather you lived with a reliable power system so once again the quality brands end up being the only real choice.



��? 3 Year Honda Engine Warranty.
��? Honda Service Australia & New Zealand Wide.
��? Honda iGX440 4 Stroke OHC Petrol Engine, Single-Cylinder (Approx. 2.9L per hour) .
��? Low Harmonic distortion <2%
��? Electric STR Governor.
��? Heavy duty roll over frame.
��? Auto Remote Start/Stop Controller.
��? Extended 35L Fuel Tank
��? Heavy Duty Sealed Lead Acid Gel type Starting Battery.


 Model:  APH80AS1SL
 Rated frequency (Hz):  50Hz
 Rated voltage (V):  240V
 Rated current (A):  33.6
 Rated output power (watts):  6400watts
 DC Output:  12V–8.7A
 Fuel tank capacity:  35 L
 Noise level (dD) @ 7m:  72dBA
 Overall dimension (LxWxH) mm:  835 x 610 x 665
 Dry weight (kg):  90 kg
 Starting system:  Electric Start
 Fuel:  Unleaded
 Engine Model:  Honda iGX440
 Rated power (HP):  13

Here is an extract from the Honda website about their nes iGX series engine:

The iGX series offers further enhancements to the GX series, incorporating an electronic self tuning regulator (STR) governor. Similar to GX, iGX engines are also (OHV) horizontal shaft engines, yet provide additional advanced technologies for more complex applications.

"Our new GX and iGX series of engines have been redesigned to provide more power and excellent fuel efficiency while reducing emissions and noise," said Scott Conner, assistant vice president, Honda Engines. "The new GX and iGX bring an enhanced level of value and performance to our customers."

Potential applications for the large GX series of engines include:

Commercial Concrete Equipment
Commercial Generators
Water pumps
Air compressors
Stump grinders
Pressure washers
Aerial lifts and platforms
The new large GX series of engines features a host of technologies and design elements that allow for improved power output. The new GX models produce 6 percent more power than previous models, making them among the most powerful engines in each of their respective categories. This additional power is achieved via an advanced combustion chamber design, the implementation of Digital Capacitive Discharge Ignition (CDI) with variable ignition timing, and an increased compression ratio.

Along with improved power, the new GX series of engines provides a significant reduction in noise and vibration, which is vital to end users of both commercial and residential engine applications. Noise has been reduced up to 5 decibels, making the new GX one of the quietest engines available in its class. A new reed-style breather valve and a new muffler design also contribute to the engine's quiet operation, while a new light weight piston allows an optimized overbalance ratio for less operating vibration.

Although fuel efficiency is a key attribute of all Honda engines, fuel consumption in the new GX family of engines has been significantly improved for 2010. The new large GX engines increase fuel efficiency by 12 percent. In addition to increased fuel efficiency, the new GX engines will meet the 2011 EPA exhaust emission regulations without the use of a catalyst.

The all-new iGX engine series features an integrated electronic control unit (ECU) using Honda STR governor technology. A long life multi layer gradient density-type air filter extends the air cleaner maintenance interval by 50 percent. Premium features such as an electronically controlled governor, fully automatic choke and an automotive style electric starter are standard on the iGX series engines.

Potential new applications and attributes of this technology include:
pressure washers that automatically respond to the load when the user squeezes or releases the trigger handle;
water pumps that can be automatically activated by a remote switch based on water level;
generators that can automatically respond to load and adjust engine speed based on electrical draw.
drive-by-wire applications, including utility vehicles, scissor lifts, ride-on trowels and other remotely operated products.
Honda is the world's preeminent engine maker, selling more than 24 million units globally in 2008 through a diverse array of automotive, motorcycle, and power equipment products. Honda engines are characterized by the same quiet and fuel-efficient technology that is behind the company's reputation for premium quality.

Honda 8kva Solar Generator Brochure

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