CSUN PV Panels

CSUN is one of the largest and argueably the best established PV Panel Manufacturers in the world.

Current PV Panel Price From: $1.63*/Watt NZ + GST (*using Importing Partnership offer and for orders over 1kw)

The massive advances in PV manufacturing capability and China's serious growth in this industry has not been without it's challenges. There are many hundreds of manufacturers and tenfold more 'distributors' looking to get in on the next energy revolution. For the end-of-line customer the large fluctuation in pricing can present quite a lot of confusion and also real risk as we are seeing a lot of sub-standard product enter the market.

This confusion and risk is also evident it the supplier level. For example, there are large, well-established companies offering a number of different products primarily based on pricing. this in itself is not a problem, after all people should be able to have a choice, however when the question is asked about differences in product quality the answers come up short. We provide different panels from different manufacturefor depending on the requirements eg: for custom built curved glass or coloured panels we use a different manufacturer than for large power arrays. But if someone offers you a cheaper panel telling you its the same quality as the more expensive one there is something not quite right. PLEASE dont buy doubtful quality panels just because they are slightly cheaper - the returns on a panel that lasts 30% longer are well over 150% - you want your panels to last! However, the reality is, it is difficult to ascertain or detect differences in quality by just looking at a PV panel or the website of the manufacturer. Much deeper investigation is required.

We have done that investigating.

The result? We believe we have found the best manufacturer of the highest quality PV panels available on today's market. Not the cheapest, but not by far.

The CSUN company is very well established and has a strong history of Quality, Financial Stability and Advanced R&D. They currently hold the world record for the highest conversion efficiency for a PV Cell, they are a publicly listed company and have the investment backing of over 20 international banks, their product warranties are the best world-wide and their backup support is un-rivalled (as we have experienced).

Their commitment to S4SOLAR New Zealand has been very pleasing. Considering that we are a small country we have been extremely well supported.

Some of CSUN's benefits are:

 Power Output Warranty.

The PV product carries a 25 year power output linear warranty as opposed to other products on the market that only carry a stepped warranty for power output.  The benefits of this are that at any stage during the lifespan of the PV panel, if the power output is less than shown on the linear graph, then a claim can be made rather than the claim having to be made at the 10 year or the 25 year point.

Industry Leading Conversion Efficiency.

CSUN hold the records for R&D research producing the highest efficiency modules in the world. Whether or not your particular installation calls for the high efficiency modules this level of expertise and successful R&D is reflected in their whole product offering.

World Class Manufacturing Standards and testing procedures help to ensure that your system is of the highest quality. There are many things that come together to make the highest quality PV panel, some examples are; the quality and purity of the polysilicon, the selection and matching process of the cells, the purity of the silver used for internal panel conductors, dust-free factory environments purity levels of the aluminum framing.. the list goes on.

Environment Testing includes extreme harsh environment salt testing which is important for New Zealand conditions.

Warranty Insurance Accessibility. All the PV product warranties and guarantees are covered for the lifetime of the product and are accessible by the end user of the product. PowerGuard is an independent insurance company which means that if S4SOLAR or CSUN are not around when you need to make a claim then you can still contact the insurer directly to support a warranty claim.