CNPV Solar Panels

Solar Panels

CNPV has pursued the highest levels of product quality and performance.

Currently CNPV produces best in class efficiencies from their solar modules allowing consumers to achieve maximum power output from a given surface area.

One of the first manufacturers to introduce electroluminescent testing of individual solar cells prior to manufacture of the module, CNPV solar modules are rapidly gaining acceptance in New Zealand to match their high level of regard in established European markets.

Cut to the chase: Of the handful of Premium Solar Panel brands on the market these outperform them all for build quality and energy output. We have seen time and time again these panels producing more than 10% over their rated output and in low light they are amazing.

CNPV - Large Area Modules

Reliability & longevity are built into these world-class crystalline solar photovoltaic modules, which undergo rigorous internal tests and external certifications (IEC61215, IEC61730, UL, and CE) to ensure peak performance and safety.

They utilise the highest quality materials and demonstrate tight power tolerances with excellent Low Irradiance Performance and have an industry leading product performance warranty of 10 years on Materials and Workmanship and 25 years (80%) on Power output warranty.

Compare the output of the CNPV panels with the other top 22 models. The more output (kWh/kW) the more energy you will make which means your investment ovvers greater returns.

Key Features:

Proven raw materials - excellent, high quality materials

Industry leading Snow Load Capacity of >5900Pa

Excellent low irradiance performance - excellent Fill Factor Value for money - tighter power tolerance ±3% and average power of the container is equal or better than nominal power is being shipped (-0 + 2%)

Appearance - excellent aesthetic look

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