Ever thought about just importing your own panels directly? Well, now you can with us!

Importing Partnership

New Zealand's best quality and best loved solar power company...

... here's another reason!

The Dilemma: how to offer the HIGHEST QUALITY Solar Power Equipment in New Zealand without losing every customer to the bloke who sells the cheapest junk he can find? We also knew of a few people who wanted to go in with their friends or family and import a container load of panels but who were a little daunted by the prospect.

The solution came in May 2012, "why not offer some sort of importing partnership....." more about how it came about here...

So here it is. A simple yet very popular offer - and it is unique to S4SOLAR

When we are about to re-stock and want to place an order of panels or inverters  we can let you know so if you would like to jump in on the order we can give you a reduced bulk price.
It's as simple as that!

"We have figured a way of offering our customers VERY good pricing on the best quality PV panels and inverters in the world and maintain the highest installation standards in the country."

Here's how it works and why it saves you money:

You pay when we pay and your panels come in the same container as ours. But here's the real savings: We don't have to warehouse your panels - they go straight  to the local freight depot and we then bring them straight to you and install them.

This avoids stocking, storing and warehouse and logistics staff. It also saves us having to predict stock turnover and being exposed to fluctuating panel pricing and exchange rates.

Also, if you pay for your panels and inverters at the time we order then it means we are ordering a pre-sold shipment. This means no risk of customers pulling out of the order. Thus we are able to cut margins for your order.

This 6.6 KWp Solar Array was imported using the Importing Partnership saving the customer $2770.00 That is over one year's worth of power production.

The way it works is like this:

1: If you are interested in getting in on the next order and getting very good pricing on your panels then you can keep an eye out on our solar stream regular emails (and we will let you know when the next offer is happening) or if you know what you want you can get the process started right away (then skip to point 3).
2: When you see the offer come in then call, email, meet or send a raven to us and talk about how many panels you want.
3: We will send you a Quote and Invoice.
4: You pay for your panels in advance into our importing account prior to our final payment date (We will give you plenty of time).
5: We send you receipt of payment.
6: We place the order, buy the $US and then deposit through to our manufacturer.
7: We get the Bill of Lading^^ and the remainder of money is transferred to manufacturer^^ (Less the GST, freight & Port handling charges portion).
8: We Wait for the slow boat from China... (It's not that slow - about 6-8 weeks) when it arrives...^^
9: Customs clearance, freight, handling charges & GST paid.
10: Your panels arrive at our depot and we then send them out to you, or our installers bring them out and they are installed them onto your roof (unless you would rather store them for a later installation date or DIY.)

We keep you informed through the process and you end up with a VERY good deal on your panels.

It's the easiest (and safest) importing you will ever do!

If you are interested in this - leave us your email address or if you have decided and are ready to proceed then just send me an email and we will get the ball rolling.

Some common Questions we get on this are:

Are the savings really that good? Good question! On a 6kw system you would save around $2400-$3600 depending on pricing and exchange rates. It really is worth getting in on these deals.

The Risk? The equipment is fully insured so if there is any damage or mishap then we will chase up with our insurers.

- part of our normal margin accounts for risks such as turnover forecasting, warehousing stock in a volatile market, sinking boats (eg: Rena) and customers pulling out of deals etc.

However: All our international shipments and domestic freight is insured (against things like loss and damage). The only other risks are the usual things like incompetent forklift drivers (we have had one panel damaged this way years ago - and one near miss on the last shipment with just a bent frame, we'll just use that one for a workshop project or something!) and anything else outside our control such as world war or economic collapse.

How often do you do this? Every 3 - 6 months depending on demand

Is it really worth the savings? Yes, you get Tier one quality panels (10 year warranty, international certificates etc.) for about the same as a tier two price. The Return on Investment woud be one or two years better for a larger system.

Any other questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

/// Our next importing partnership cut-off date is now set for 15th August 2014 /// - This will be for Panels and Railing Only.