Cheap Stuff

Don't be sucked in by price.


If you are buying a car you will look at all sorts of things before you check out the pricing: Make, model, features, colour, wheels, deisel or petrol (or electric!) THEN you compare the price.

A similar process should be used when deciding on your solar power system.

It may cost a similar amount as a car but that is where it stops. A solar power system generally increases in value over it's life span due to power price increases (typically 7% per year in New Zealand)

The life span is the all important consideration. There are many differences between a top quality panel and a junk panel. However, it is difficult to tell these difference by just looking at the panels; they look the same, put out the same power, weigh the same and may even have the same guarantees.

So how CAN you tell the difference?

Two things:

1: Is the manufacturer reputable? Generally speaking the best quality panels have the best markets worldwide. PV technology is not new and many of the top ten solar manufacturers worldwide have gained their standing through providing quality products. It pays to buy from the best.

2: Following on from the first point: Quality Assurance, manufacturing standards, product insurance backing and the use of related technologies, all these things play essential parts in producing a high quality end product.

Actually Three things:

3: Quality Installation. We aim to consistently exceed quality standards for safety, waterproofing, longevity and neatness for all our installations. Our technicians always work to look after your property and your new system. From Quadruple Waterproofing techniques right through to gutter protection when using ladders, we take pride in your installation.

So why is quality so important, surely if you buy Xkwh per year for $Y you get Z Return on Investment?

Well, yes - for the first ten or twenty years - however, your investment stops at product failure

PV solar panels are unique when it comes to ROI Vs Time and this uniqueness comes from the fact that power prices rise every year. The returns on a solar power system are not linear (notice the curve in the graph below). For example: If you invest $15k into a system today you will save $15k of power over the first 9 years (or the "payback period"), then another $15k over the next 6 years, and another in the next 5 years and another in the next 4 years... The investment value actually increases over time. So if you buy poor quality today just to save $2k you could miss out on over $25k of returns due to early product failure.

this ROI graph shows the potential losses (years 20-30) due to cheap product early failure. In the years 20 to 30 there is a return of over $50k (remembering this is on a 16k investment!)

Buying cheap product or even skimping on installation quality can lead to disaster:

One of our customers told us that they spent $3000 on their previous system and it ran their whole house for four days before it completely died. They came to us and ended up spending about ten times that amount and haven't looked back.

NB: All the quality points mentioned on this page (and more) are answered in all our systems. We are unable to devulge all of them here due to maintaining a competitive advantage but we are more than happy to discuss with you exactly what makes our service and product the highest quality on the market.

Talk to us about a quality system that suits YOU - don't just buy an off-the-shelf "XXkW system" off trademe or someone who has not even taken the time to talk with you - do the research and be satisfied that you are actually buying quality.