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AVAAZ's Petition - Level the playing field for Solar Power in NZ

10th June 2013   5:04PM  

Not all facts are created equal...

From the AVAAZ's Website

We have received many emails from concerned Kiwis wanting to know about this Petition.

Having read the documentation and brief we see nothing that specifically mentions any changes that would cripple the NZ solar industry. Yes, there are changes and yes, some manufacturers will need to modify their products to comply but no, the industry won't grind to a halt.

We are approved partners for the NZ inverter manufacturer Enasolar and have asked them for a response to this petition. Here is what they had to say:

The standard they are discussing is IEC62109, which is a new international electrical safety standard specifically for PV inverters. Prior to the adoption of the standard, a generic electrical safety standard was (is) used. The new standard has yet to be officially adopted by Australia/NZ, but is referred to in another standard (AS5033) as stated by the article.


New standards are being developed continually, and they are adopted over a period of time to allow manufactures time to adapt their product. It also takes a while for individual test labs to be certified for the new standards, which means that new standards cannot be applied immediately.


EnaSolar has been watching the development of the IEC62109 safety standard, and has been modifying the inverter design slightly to adapt to the new standard. The EnaSolar inverters are currently submitted to a test lab for certification to IEC62109. The particular modifications are only to a feature that is rarely used, and only on some models of the inverter.


Just because a new standard is adopted or modified, it has no effect on product that has already been installed – it is safe. As stated above, often there is a long period before it is required to be adopted by new product – which is the current proposal – to lengthen the time of adoption.