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Rhinos Love Solar Too

Hamilton rhinos get cosy new pad

8th November 2014 8:16PM

Pre-wiring for Future Batteries

We are getting asked a lot more about batteries to support your home through a power cut.


This is a reply to a customer who wanted to know if she could prewire for a battery system when she was building the house. Note: They already have an Enphase Micro-Inverter System installed which can only be integrated with a battery inverter with our Stand Alone Management System (The SAM).

2nd October 2014 8:40AM

Solar Innovation paves the way for Savings

Solar innovation paves way for savings


JAMIE SMALL - © Fairfax NZ News Read this on Stuff

21st March 2014 10:41AM

AVAAZ's Petition - Level the playing field for Solar Power in NZ

Not all facts are created equal...

From the AVAAZ's Website

10th June 2013 5:04PM

Meridian Energy's plans to change their Grid Tie Plans

We have just had word from Meridian Energy and can confirm that they are indeed in the process of modifying their feed-in rates.

27th June 2012 10:43AM

Energy Use in NZ homes

Here is a snippet from a great research article on the Otago University Website.

The information here is very easy to understand and it gives a good snapshot of where all that energy goes.



19th June 2012 11:14AM
Sick of being put on hold?

Genesis Energy Vs Joe Public - real emails!

This is one of our customer's conversations with genesis energy had during the time they were investigating installing solar power - it is both a little amusing and a little informative...


18th June 2012 7:37PM

NZ Solar Panel Price Drops

Governments around the world have been subsidising home-based solar power for years. (except for New Zealand - of course!)

Recently however these subsidies have been cut back severely.

11th June 2012 9:44AM

Video - Solar Panels making power in the rain


Grid tie 3kWp solar power system basic overview:

10th January 2012 8:03PM

Green Additions Increase House Prices

Research shows up to 97% Immediate ROI can be gained.


This is an exciting piece of news! We always suspected that adding Solar Panels to your house would increase it’s value, mainly due to the reduced running costs of the house that make it more financially attractive for prospective buyers.

24th September 2011 1:34PM
Two sources of power. One is reliable and free the other is, well, not.

Power Prices Double

Power prices double over decade

The New Zealand Herald reporter Hayden Donnell Investigates Power Price Increases over the last Eleven Years

11:30 AM Wednesday Aug 24, 2011

Thought the sun had set on higher power prices? Think again. Power companies warn of looming price rises, despite figures showing electricity costs have nearly doubled in the last 11 years. Photo / Thinkstock

22nd September 2011 1:47PM

I want to pull the plug!

The two big questions about Off-the-Grid Power Systems.

By Ben Stanton -

Have you ever held a power bill in your hand and dreamed of just walking out your gate and chopping down the nearest power pole with a large axe… or even a blunt rock?

20th September 2011 9:37AM