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Ever thought about just importing your own panels directly? Well, now you can with us!



Video The massive reduction in solar PV panel pricing has caused a huge increase in demand and enquiry. We find that a lot of questions are easily answered and video is a great way to get the right information across in a way that many people like, no sales pressure. Here's a link to the TV 3 News Item about the PowerBOS View the PowerBOS video here: The videos below cover all sorts of subjects.


"You get what you pay for"

System Case Studies

Some Examples of Solar Power Systems.

Thames T3esc Energy Project

We are proud to support the T3 (Transition Town Thames) .esc (energy sustaining communities) energy project.


Fieldays was a hit! We had some nice specials running and a very comprehensive stand.

Solar Power Information Evenings

Solar Power Information Evenings.

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Some of the subjects included in our newsletter are: > solar power information > alternative energy management and automation > micro generation technologies > general energy efficiency and saving power > green building techniques and technologies > recent project discussion > up and coming webinars and training videos


Tried and Tested Equipment and Strong Technical Support We will not supply a product without these. Our business relies on these and so do our customers. And the very best installation staff. This gives you the confidenct that your investment will last and will be fully backed-up if something goes wrong.                                Share |

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Solar Power FAQ

Solar Power FAQ:

Cheap Stuff

Don't be sucked in by price.   If you are buying a car you will look at all sorts of things before you check out the pricing: Make, model, features, colour, wheels, deisel or petrol (or electric!) THEN you compare the price.


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When it comes to off-grid (or stand-alone) systems there are no two systems the same. (Well, there shouldn't be.) Every home has different requirements and careful planning is required right from the outset to ensure a robust and cost-effective outcome that will last and allow you to live un-hindered.


Always be open to new ideas and what ever you do work with a professional who is open as well. Technology, Techniques and Knowledge in this field are growing at an alarming rate. It's great fun!

You may wish to live on the absolute minimum amount of power possible. Or your lifestyle or business may be one that requires using larger amounts of energy and no downtime with low intervention and maintenance. Either way, you do not need to be limited just because you have chosen to generate your own electricity.

We have just completed a PV powered, off-the-grid luxury executive home. Over 700 square meters of floor area powered by the sun (and if the sun goes away for too long a wee bit of diesel). Please feel free to contact us to discuss your particular requirements or to arrange a visit to one of our demonstration sites.

So please feel free to contact us.